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9to5Toys Lunch Break: MFi Lightning cable $5, Sony Bluetooth headphones $135, Wake Alarm Clock goes free, more

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Today’s can’t miss deals:


Monoprice MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables in black or white w/ free shipping: 3-ft. $5, 6-ft. $6


Over-Ear Headphones: Sony Bluetooth/NFC $135 (Reg. $199), Beyerdynamic from $170 (Reg. up to $270), more

wake-alarm-clock-free-app-of-the-week-sale-02 (1)

App Store Free App of the Week: Wake Alarm Clock ($4 value)

apple-mf840ll-MacBook Pro-sale-01

13″ Retina MacBook Pro (newest) 2.7GHz/8GB/256GB: $1,280 shipped (Reg. $1,499)

13″ Retina MacBook Pro (newest) 2.7GHz/8GB/128GB: $1,080 shipped (Reg. $1,299)


Giveaway: Trinity Delta aluminum earbuds feature a unique design and top-notch sound ($135 value), 20% discount

More new gear from today:


Games/Apps: Bloodborne from $25, Kirby Rainbow Curse $32, Shades Puzzle Game free, more iOS freebies

More deals still alive:

UNCHARTED- The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle-sale-01

Sony announces official PlayStation 4 price drop, bundles now start at just $349

Mac app bundle-sale-01

Mac Bundle: 14 Mac Apps incl. RapidWeaver, Voila Screencapture, Kinemac 3D, more: $18

New products & more:


DJI’s new Osmo 4K camera is one expensive selfie stick


The latest littleBits DIY electronics kit turns any kid into an inventor

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Dan DeSilva

October 9th



Save $120 on a Top-of-the-Line GoPro Hero4 Black

If only the best will do, GoPro’s Hero4 Black action cam is a $120 off today at eBay, which is the best deal we’ve ever seen. [GoPro Hero4 Black, $379]


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Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Gizmodo

October 8th


Save $350 on Sony’s Full Frame A7 II Mirrorless Powerhouse

Sony’s Alpha A7 famously crammed a full frame image into an impossibly compact body, and the A7 II adds new goodies like 5-axis optical image stabilization and improved autofocus. If you’re ready to make a serious investment in photography, you can get the body today for $1349. That’s about $350 less than elsewhere, and the best deal we’ve seen. [Sony Alpha a7 II Body, $1349]


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Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Gizmodo

October 7th


A Strike May Park San Francisco’s Tech Buses

San Francisco’s tech workers may be looking for a new ride to work if their shuttle bus drivers go on strike over contract negotiations. At a meeting yesterday in San Leandro, leaders of the Teamsters Local 853 advised members to be prepared for a strike if there’s no progress on the contract proposal that the union approved and sent to Compass Transportation back in August. The proposal would increase pay and improve benefits for drivers.


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Kiona Smith-Strickland

October 4th


Developer eBays Apple TV 4 development kit, claims loophole in Apple’s no-resale terms

A developer who won two Apple TV 4 development kits on both developer accounts is ebaying one of them, claiming in the ad that a loophole allows them to do so despite Apple’s no-resale clause. The auction has a starting bid of $300, well above the $149/199 retail price when it goes on official sale next month. It […]

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Ben Lovejoy

September 21st



Handy flowchart outlines your options for picking up a shiny new iPhone [Poll]


In the old days, buying and paying for a new iPhone was simple: you typically paid $1-200 up-front, then the rest of the purchase cost was absorbed by carriers into the monthly rates they charged for their contracts. There was no easy way to tell how much of that monthly payment was for calls/texts/data and how much was paying off the balance of the cost of the phone.

Today, things are very different, with carriers being much more transparent about what you pay for your contract – if you choose to have one – and how much you pay for the iPhone itself. The WSJ has put together a simple infographic outlining the main options open to you … 

Let’s start with the flowchart then talk about each option. Note that costs are based on a 16GB iPhone – almost certainly not what you’ll want – and assumes pricing will be the same as last year.


So, there are three main routes you can take. First, renewing your existing contract for two years. This option looks pretty much like the old model, where you pay $200 up-front and continue to pay the same amount each month as you do now. You’ll be locked in for two years, and won’t be able to upgrade iPhone until then.

Second, buy your new iPhone – either outright for cash, or on a monthly instalment plan which runs separately from your service plan. At the end of the two-year instalment plan, the phone is yours to do with as you wish.

Third, rent your iPhone. When you want to upgrade, hand it back and you can begin a new rental contract for the new one.

In my home country, the UK, we’ve had the option of separate purchase and service plans for many years. Having done the sums, I always go for option 2: buying my iPhone direct from Apple for cash – unlocked and contract-free. This means handing over the full purchase price upfront, which is a lot of money in one hit, but I then sell my old phone on eBay. If you don’t want the hassle of eBaying it, there are a whole bunch of trade-in options – including direct to Apple.

I generally manage to keep my iDevices in mint condition, and I keep the box and unused accessories. I also take lots of good-quality photos for my eBay ad. Put all this together, and I typically get back two-thirds of the purchase price if selling after one year, or around 40% after two years. All-in, then, my cost of ownership of an iPhone is no more than a third of the purchase cost per year. Because that gives me the freedom to shop around for the best service plan, and am able to switch whenever I like, my total cost is always significantly less than it would be under a contract deal.

If you’ve read our roundup on what to expect today and are planning to pick up an iPhone 6S, which option will you go for? Take our poll and let us know your reasons in the comments.


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Ben Lovejoy

September 9th



eBay 4.0 arrives on iPhone, offers simplified selling and revamped UI


In celebration of its 20th birthday, eBay has launched a brand new mobile app with a new focus on selling and a more attractive and intuitive user interface. eBay describes the app as having a “more browsable design” with much easier access to features like top deals, promotions and events. What’s more, the seller dashboard has been refreshed to offer a more personalized look at how well you’re doing and give you relevant tools, tips and guides on how to improve.

Focused on creating more vibrancy in our marketplace, we’ve elevated selling within eBay 4.0, and have designed a more personalized experience based on a seller’s level and activity. The new app offers more information to help first-time and new sellers be successful, and a new dashboard for more regular sellers with at-a-glance activity updates. We are passionate about creating a great experience for our buyers and enabling the continued success for our sellers.

eBay 4.0 offers a new Activity feed giving consumers personalized updates on the objects and goods that are important to them. Alongside that is the new Shop tab, with a bespoke feed of items tailored for each individual user. eBay 4.0 is available to download from the App Store.

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Cam Bunton

September 8th



What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Bought or Sold on eBay?

It’s a special day, and I’m not just talking about Force Friday Eve: It’s my birthday! I’ve known for years that I share my birthday with a few interesting entities like Charlie Sheen. But there’s one thing I did not know I shared a birthday with until today: 20 years ago, a little company named eBay was born.


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Alissa Walker

September 3rd


How-To: Get the best iPhone trade-in price deal to help buy a new iPhone 6S

Apple releases new iPhones every September, guaranteeing that a massive number of old iPhones will be traded in or sold. The rush is about to start, dramatically changing the market for used iPhones, so I wanted to help you stay ahead of the curve and get the best deal possible. Having just sold my own iPhone 6 Plus to upgrade to a newer model, I have some strong opinions about your smartest options.

Below, I’ve put together a guide to some of the iPhone selling and trade-in options you should consider. There’s no single “right” answer, since some options trade greater convenience for lower prices, and others have higher prices but greater risks or hassles. You can choose the one that’s best for your needs, but whatever you do, choose soon…


Gazelle Amazon NextWorth

Moderate Prices, Few Hassles: Selling Your iPhone To Amazon, Gazelle or NextWorth 

Of all the third-party companies offering to buy used iPhones, Amazon, Gazelle and NextWorth are three of the best-known names. They operate in the same basic way: you visit their web sites, specify your iPhone’s condition, get an offer price, then get a free shipping label to send your iPhone in. You typically get paid within a week, though timing can vary based on the payment method you choose.

On raw numbers and convenience, it’s tempting to recommend Amazon’s trade-in program ahead of the others, because under the right conditions, you can do really well here — assuming you’re OK receiving payment in Amazon gift cards. If your device is in pristine condition, Amazon may pay you more than any of the other companies: a sample space gray iPhone 6 Plus, unlocked with 64GB of capacity, was offered $512 with no scratches, chips, or dents, while a comparable iPhone 6 was promised $456. But the numbers drop quite a bit if there’s any damage — often lower than Gazelle’s numbers — and I’ve occasionally seen Amazon incorrectly reject (non-iPhone) trade-in items due to processing issues.

If I was choosing between Gazelle and NextWorth, I’d be more likely to go with Gazelle. In one price check, NextWorth offered a meager $355 for the same iPhone 6 Plus that Gazelle offered $480 to purchase. For another scenario, selling an iPhone 6 to upgrade to a 6 Plus, NextWorth offered only $345 versus Gazelle’s $425. And when checking a fully-loaded, unlocked iPhone 5s, NextWorth offered the same amount ($185.00) as Gazelle. The difference is that Gazelle pays a premium for iPhones in great condition, and always takes the higher value of unlocked phones into account for pricing, which NextWorth doesn’t always do.

From what I’ve seen, NextWorth has only one advantage: it locks in its prices for 30 days after issuing you a quote, so you can keep using your iPhone until you’ve received the replacement. But higher payouts make Amazon and Gazelle more attractive as immediate selling options. Gazelle and NextWorth promise fast payments if you want to get paid using PayPal, subject to PayPal’s typical transaction fees, with slower payments using printed checks. Gazelle offers Amazon gift cards as another option. NextWorth instead offers Target gift cards and Discover prepaid cards. (Note: Starting today and expiring on September 9, 2015, 9to5Mac readers can get a 10% bonus on any iPhone trade-in at NextWorth using promo code 9TO5MAC, which may help to make the prices more attractive.)


eBay Craigslist

Higher Prices, More Hassles: Selling Your Phone With eBay or Craigslist

I personally sold my iPhone through eBay, but given the high fees and some of the hassles involved in listing and selling an iPhone that way, I wouldn’t recommend that most people do the same. With eBay, you will typically need to take photographs of your phone, compose a listing page with at least a little personalized descriptive text, respond to questions from potential buyers, and deal with common issues such as no-payment and scam bidders. You’ll probably also wind up paying out of your own pocket for some shipping expenses, such as insurance and signature confirmation, to avoid potential problems with the delivery.

On the surface, eBay selling prices for iPhones look excellent: you may see Buy It Now prices for Completed Items that are $100 or $200 higher than Gazelle’s or NextWorth’s trade-in offers. But those numbers mask a collection of hidden costs: eBay will take 10% of your final selling price, plus an additional 4% PayPal fee, and then PayPal will hold the funds until days after your buyer receives your phone. This is the price you pay for guaranteed safe transactions between two strangers. If your iPhone sells for $600, you can expect to pocket $516 after eBay and PayPal fees, and get paid around 10 days after you sell the phone. Packaging materials, insurance and signature confirmation will cost you another $10 or so, bringing your price down to $506. Meanwhile, Gazelle’s trade-in value for the same phone may be $450 to $470, with Amazon offering even more.


Craigslist is the option for people who are willing to take on additional risk — and deal with a smaller audience — to avoid eBay’s fees. You still have to compose an ad, but there are fewer fields to fill out, and the listings are much simpler. Moreover, unlike eBay, which is an international marketplace, Craigslist’s ads are locally focused: they’re primarily seen by (plenty of) people who live relatively close to you. Where eBay has structure, including formalized “best offer” negotiating software and a payment processing system, Craigslist leaves you to haggle on price with potential buyers via email, then meet up in person — preferably following Craiglist’s anti-scam rules — to exchange cash for your phone.

I’ve had mixed experiences with Craiglist, but overall, they’ve been positive. You probably won’t get as high a price for your iPhone as on eBay, and you’ll need to screen your buyer to be sure you’re not getting scammed during the payment process, but if the deal works out, you can pocket more than selling the same item on eBay. If you live in a place where Craigslist scams or crime in general are well-documented, I’d strongly suggest going with eBay or a trade-in option instead.


Apple-Brightstar Best Buy Target


Low Prices, High Convenience: Selling Your iPhone to Apple, Best Buy, or Target

If price isn’t as important to you as convenience, there are other options that pay out relatively little but make the trade-in process as easy as showing up at a store.

Apple uses a company called Brightstar to offer Apple Store gift cards under a trade-in program called “iPhone Recycle.” When I checked prices today, Brightstar wasn’t buying iPhone 6 or 6 Plus models, and only offered $165 for the same fully-loaded, unlocked iPhone 5s that Gazelle and NextWorth would pay $185 to purchase — not a great price. But Brightstar was willing to pay a little more than Gazelle ($20 versus $12) for a really old iPhone 4, and only $2 less than NextWorth for the same phone. At prices that low, you’re probably best off just keeping the phone for a rainy day, or giving it away to a family member. If you really want the Apple Store gift card, though, it’s an option, and you can just walk into the Apple Store and trade your phone in right there.

Best Buy’s trade-in values are somewhat lower than Gazelle’s, but with the convenience of being able to walk right into a nearby retail store and get a electronic gift card on the spot for your iPhone. During my research, the iPhone 6 Plus came up at $385, the iPhone 6 at $365, and the iPhone 5s at $165. If you don’t mind getting paid in Best Buy store credit rather than cash, you’ll get a bit more credit than NextWorth would offer.

Target uses NextWorth’s services for trade-ins, with two caveats: Target’s trade-in prices may vary between NextWorth’s online quotes, and you get paid in Target gift cards. In my checks, you’ll get less going through Target than NextWorth, which is especially unfortunate since you’re getting store credit instead of cash. For instance, an iPhone 5s that fetched $185 at NextWorth was offered only $150 via Target. But again, you may prefer the convenience of just walking into a store and walking out with money to spend.

My Recommendation: Check Amazon, Gazelle and eBay, Then Pick The Best One For Your iPhone

Given the experiences I’ve had with various iPhone sales and trade-in programs, I would recommend canvassing Gazelle’s trade-in program first, then Amazon’s trade-in program, and finally eBay Buy It Now/Completed Item pricing. Gazelle is likely to be offering a strong trade-in value for your phone with the ability to get a cash payout rather than a gift card, while Amazon may offer you a little more in Amazon credit. eBay’s number will likely be the highest of the three, but you’ll need to discount it by roughly 16% to take hidden eBay, PayPal, and shipping expenses into account. If you think that the difference between eBay’s price and Gazelle’s and Amazon’s are worth the added photography, writing up a listing, and dealing with potential buyers, go for it (or consider Craigslist). But otherwise, you’ll find that Amazon’s and Gazelle’s solutions are more convenient, with slightly lower payouts.

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Jeremy Horwitz

August 20th



Save $700 on the Remarkable, Full Frame Sony A7s

The Sony A7s might be the “new king of full-frame video”, but its price has remained remarkably stubborn at $2500 (for the body alone!) since it debuted last year. Today though, you can grab one for $1799, which is by far the best price we’ve ever seen. [Sony A7s Body, $1799]http://reframe.gizmodo.com/sony-a7s-revie...


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Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Gizmodo

July 31st

October 2015
« Sep