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3 gadgets not quite ready for prime time

ehang passenger drone If flying cars and personal assistants that live inside your light bulbs sound far-fetched, think again. The high-tech apps and devices that debuted at CES 2016 this year prove we’re living in the future. Let’s look at how these products are set to shape — or reshape — our worlds. Read More

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Gideon Kimbrell

March 3rd


Honeywell’s new Lyric Round thermostat w/ HomeKit now available & in-stock

Honeywell Lyric HomeKit CES 2016

Honeywell’s new Lyric Round thermostat originally announced back at CES in January and until now up for preorder only is today officially on sale and in-stock for all.

Currently shipping from the company’s website for $249, the Honeywell Lyric Round is thought to be one of the smart, wi-fi connected thermostats this year that might ultimately give Google’s Nest thermostat a run for its money. It’s Honeywell’s second generation of the product, but its the first in its line to officially support Apple’s HomeKit home automation platform. That means its the first to offer control via Siri voice commands, something that Nest and other competitors are still a hold outs on as Google pushes its own competitive home automation platform.

The Honeywell Lyric Round works with a companion iOS app that allows manual control of the thermostat, but the product’s main pitch is that it will learn your habits overtime and hopefully help you keep track of energy consumption and adjust accordingly to improve your habits. Honeywell gives the rundown on features of the second-gen Lyric Round including Apple Watch and HomeKit:

  • Apple HomeKit and Apple Watch® – easily and securely control the Lyric thermostat using Siri, set up special actions, connect to other HomeKit-enabled products in the home via the Lyric app, and even make changes and check multiple thermostats using Apple Watch.
  • Customizable Geofencing – consumers can create a custom geofence map and distance, enabling the Lyric thermostat to deliver “comfort when you’re home, savings when you’re away” with even greater accuracy.
  • Smart Alerts – the Lyric thermostat can send reminders about filter changes, warn of extreme temperatures and humidity inside the home, and more.
  • Intelligent Comfort Control – to make sure 72 degrees feels like 72 degrees, the Lyric thermostat considers temperature and humidity to maintain comfort, and can also work with your system to adjust in-home humidity levels.
  • Custom Shortcuts – create a dynamic heating/cooling schedule, and set up recurring event triggers with a single touch of the thermostat or app.

You can grab the new Lyric Round thermostat with HomeKit ($249) from Honeywell’s website now.

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Jordan Kahn

February 18th



All the Coolest Tech From CES 2016

Even before we trekked out to the desert for the Consumer Electronics Show, we had a good idea that CES would be flush with smart cars, televisions, virtual reality, and a bunch of weirdness. We were right! But as always, there were some surprises in store.


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Gizmodo Staff

January 11th


Getting Weird With Google’s Project Tango Tech

Yesterday, Lenovo announced it would release the first consumer device using Google’s Project Tango technology. What is this technology good for? I’m glad you asked.


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Mario Aguilar

January 8th


Is Gesture Control Your Next Car’s Coolest Feature Or Another Gimmick?

Car companies tell us the buttons on your dashboard are soon to be replaced with pinches and swipes. Some are already pushing even further with touch screens you don’t actually touch. Let’s look closer at some of this tech and see if it’s actually worth being wide-eyed over.


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January 8th


The US Government Doesn’t Want a National Policy on Self-Driving Cars for Some Dumb Reason

The US Government Doesn't Want a National Policy on Self-Driving Cars for Some Dumb Reason

In the same way that only a handful of American cities are seriously preparing for self-driving vehicles , it seems the federal government isn’t thinking ahead either. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx revealed yesterday that his department has no plans for national regulations around autonomous cars.


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Alissa Walker

January 8th


iPad Pro at CES 2016: new keyboards, cases + more


Having launched only a few months ago, Apple’s new iPad Pro challenged third-party developers to quickly come up with new accessories worth showing this year at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. A bunch of companies rose to the occasion at CES, showing off new cases, keyboards, and batteries made to handle the 12.9″ tablet’s size and needs.

With nicer materials and more deluxe features than the basic (often $20-$30) iPad Pro cases that have appeared online, these new options are also a lot more expensive. Check out the best of the new iPad Pro accessories below…

Some of the biggest early iPad Pro accessory categories have been cases, keyboards, and keyboard cases, as early Pro users have sought the right balance between using the iPad as a pure tablet or converting it into a laptop-like computer. Third-party keyboard makers seem to be fine using Bluetooth wireless rather than the iPad Pro’s new Smart Connector, as you’ll see in the Brydge and ClamCase options below.

BrydgePro_Top Down_SG


Brydge debuted BrydgePro ($189), a backlit Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard attachment that weighs 1.60 lbs and is .27-inches thick — letting the combined keyboard and iPad Pro remain thinner than the MacBook Air. Multiple brightness levels are supported, and three-month battery life is promised. It will be available in gold, silver, or gray in April. More details are here.

ClamCase+ for iPad Pro/Air 2


Incipio’s ClamCase division unveiled ClamCase+ for iPad Pro ($170), promising a multi-brightness level backlit, full QWERTY keyboard inside a gray, silver, or gold housing. It uses Incipio’s 360-degree hinge to attach to the iPad Pro, and notably includes an Apple Pencil storage slot. ClamCase+ is expected in the second quarter of this year; more details are here.



“Pro” uses of the iPad Pro may or may not require ruggedization. For people who need a lot of protection, Griffin has debuted Survivor Slim for iPad Pro ($90), an MIL-STD-810G drop-proof case with a rear kickstand, Apple Pencil holder, and Smart Keyboard compatibility. Black/black, blue/black, and pink/gray versions are available.



The flash drive specialists at Hyper took the wraps off an accessory that could appeal to iPad Pro users in need of extra memory. iShowFast adds 16/32/64/128GB of flash storage to the iPad, transferring files between a USB 3-equipped computer at up to 140MB/sec (read) or 45MB/s (write) speeds. Read more here.



Based upon earlier versions for MacBook Airs and Retina Pros, Incase is offering a basic iPad Pro case called the Icon Sleeve with Tensaerlite ($70), which comes in black, heather gray, or blue colors. The material is shock-absorbing and completely covers the iPad Pro, flipping open on one edge to provide access to the tablet’s top or bottom.



Finding a battery with enough power to recharge either the iPad Pro or a 12″ MacBook isn’t easy, but that’s what Kanex has done with its new GoPower 3-Amp Battery Pack with USB-C support. Bundled with a USB-C cable and possessing a 2.4-Amp USB-A port for use with the iPad Pro, the 15,000mAh battery has enough juice for a full iPad Pro recharge. The final price and release date are still TBD, but it’s coming “soon.” Read more here.



One of the iPad Pro’s biggest challenges has been to add protection without radically increasing the tablet’s already-substantial 1.5-pound weight. SwitchEasy’s CoverBuddy ($40) is an inexpensive 1.5mm-thick polycarbonate shell with a removable Apple Pencil holder on the back, and the ability to work with Apple’s iPad Pro Smart Covers. Three neutral colors are available — white, translucent black, and translucent clear.

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Jeremy Horwitz

January 8th



Feds Raid Hoverboard Booth at CES

Two US federal marshals raided the booth of a Chinese hoverboard company earlier today at CES. The badged law enforcement agents collected all of the company’s one-wheeled “Trotter” electric skateboards, as well as all related marketing materials. It was dramatic.


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Cheryl Eddy

January 8th


Are We Headed For An Electric Car Crisis?

If there’s one major automobile trend we’ve seen at the recent spate of trade shows, besides putting screens everywhere , it’s electrification. The car industry has been moving towards more hybrids and EVs for some time, but this year’s CES almost made gas look like a thing of the past. But are we also headed for an electric car crisis?


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January 7th


All the Gadgets at CES Look Like Sex Toys 

CES had an unspoken by closely-followed theme this year, and that theme was “Could definitely also be a sex toy.” One of the best themes yet, good job to everyone involved!


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Kate Knibbs

January 7th

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