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I Need a Nexus Phone Just For These Infinitely Customizable Cases

Nexus handsets are a good buy on their own, but Google just made the whole package way more appealing with these infinitely customizable cases.


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Chris Mills

April 15th


Roundup: The best new 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases & accessories

Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the same dimensions as the iPad Air 2 on paper, but the device’s new 12-megapixel camera means your old iPad case probably won’t cut it. That is unless you cut it yourself to accommodate the new larger camera and flash that will make a larger opening on cases necessary for the new device. So your iPad Air 2 case won’t be a perfect fit, but there is already a long list of notable case makers with products available to order.  The only exceptions to that maybe are sleeve style cases that don’t have any camera openings.

But if you want a case that was truly made to fit your new 9.7-inch iPad Pro without any compromises, below we’ve put together a running list of the best new cases available now and coming soon. 


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Jordan Kahn

March 22nd



Alleged 9.7-inch iPad Pro case leaks, shows Smart Connector and LED flash cutouts

As we’ve reported in the past, Apple is expected to introduce a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro at an event later this month, and now we’ve seen the first alleged case made for the device. Nowhereelse.fr on Twitter has found a pair of cases supposedly made for the iPad Pro 9.7-inch that fall in line with reports that the device will feature Smart Connector support, camera flash, and more.


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Chance Miller

March 10th



9to5Toys Lunch Break: 13,000mAh Battery Pack $25, iPhone 6/s cases from $1, WD 5TB External Hard Drive $110, more


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Anker Tech Prime shipped: 13,000mAh Dual-USB Power Bank $25, Wireless Network Camera $60, LED Desk Lamp $26, more


iPhone 6/s/Plus and Android Cases from $1: Dual-Layer in Gold or Space Gray $4.50 (Reg. $10), more

iPhone 6/s/Plus Accessories w/ Prime shipping: Dual-layer Cases from $3 (Reg. $8+), Sport Armband $3.50


WD My Book 5TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive: $110 shipped (Reg. $140)


A Dark Room for iOS goes free as IGN’s Game of the Month (Reg. $1)



FitBit’s Charge HR fitness tracker available for just $110 shipped (Reg. $150)



Your Choice of 10 Top-Rated Mac Apps for $20 (up to $500 value), free video training course on how to prevent hackers

Keep your Macs running smoothly with a CleanMyMac two-pack: $36 (Orig. $60)

Download the iPad at Work for Dummies eBook for free (Reg. up to $17)


Add Bluetooth capabilities + a dual-port USB charger to your car for $16 (Reg. $28)



Segway and Intel got together to create a futuristic robot butler

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Trevor Daugherty

January 11th



Can You Really Hate a Selfie Stick That Cleverly Transforms Into a Smartphone Case?

It’s easy to hate selfie sticks; they’re the seedy underbelly of the camera-equipped smartphones we carry around. But it’s really hard to hate on the brilliantly-engineered Stikbox that hides a telescoping 28-inch long selfie stick on the back of your mobile device.


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Andrew Liszewski

December 17th


Review: Weak battery aside, Apple’s iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case isn’t as dumb as it looks


After Mophie and several other companies created the “iPhone battery case” category, Apple’s Made for iPhone accessory team quietly began to limit what the cases could do. For instance, developers were told that they couldn’t charge both the iPhone and the case at the same time; instead they had to charge the iPhone first, then the case. And although some early battery cases used Apple connectors to recharge, that convenience was nixed by Apple, too. I covered the inception and growth of the battery case market, and heard numerous stories of last-minute scrambles to meet Apple demands, none of which appeared to be making the cases better for end users. Today, the best iPhone 6/6s battery cases are incredibly similar to one another, distinguished more by pricing and capacity than differences in features.

Years later, some of the advantages Apple denied to third-party developers have appeared in the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case ($99), Apple’s first battery case for iPhones. Roundly mocked for its rear “hump” and unfavorably compared to best-selling $40 alternatives on raw battery power, Apple’s latest design clearly isn’t for everyone. But despite the criticism, Apple isn’t stupid, and even if it isn’t winning beauty or capacity awards, the Smart Battery Case’s few special features give it a leg up on certain competitors…

Key Details:

  • Apple’s first battery case for any iPhone, after Mophie + others
  • No buttons, power indicators largely on iPhone’s screens
  • Weak battery capacity given both numerous rivals + its price point
  • Case looks like Apple’s iPhone Silicone Cases, plus a large hump

After years of seeing gently, organically curved iPhone battery cases, there’s no denying that the Smart Battery Case looks different — and somewhat weird. Clearly based upon Apple’s iPhone 6/6s Silicone Case, the design effectively just grafts a battery hump onto that case’s back, and a male/female Lightning connector chin onto its bottom. No tapering smooths out the battery’s presence; it’s just there. Yet it doesn’t feel terrible in the hand, particularly if you rotate the iPhone into landscape orientation, where the left and right of the Smart Battery Case feel atypically thin. Nor does the battery hump snag as much going in or out of pockets as might be expected, though this may vary based on what you wear. Like the Silicone Case, the Smart Battery Case protects the iPhone 6’s side buttons, but not the ringer switch, which is left open.


Two colors of the Smart Battery Case are available. The dark Charcoal Gray one I tested certainly goes well with Space Gray iPhone 6 and 6s devices, while an almost clinical-looking white rubber alternative is made for silver and gold iPhones, which have white faces. According to early reviews, the white one begins to look somewhat ratty within days, so the gray version may be a better pick. That said, Apple’s soft rubbery exterior and microfiber lining seem destined to show wear faster than the hard plastics used in most battery cases.


Apple ships each Smart Battery Case in a plain-looking box with documentation, but no other accessories, such as the Lightning cable you’ll need to recharge it, or the 3.5mm adapter you may need to connect your favorite headphones through the very thin, deeply-recessed headphone port channel. Every other iPhone battery case at least includes one of these items, if not both, but Apple’s theory is apparently that you’ll already have the Lightning cable, and its own headphone plugs are tiny enough to sneak into the recessed port. At least some Beats headphones, however, don’t fit the hole, so you may need to spring for a separate 3.5mm headphone adapter.


Assuming you supply that Lightning cable — and a power source more powerful than the one included with the iPhone 6 or 6s — the Smart Battery Case can simultaneously charge the iPhone and battery at fast speeds. Using an affordable Anker PowerPort adapter, I was able to recharge the iPhone by 25% and the battery by 26% in 36 minutes. As noted above, most if not all of the Smart Battery Case’s competitors have been restricted by Apple from performing this same feat. That’s possibly because Apple hasn’t trusted third-party developers to properly manage the potentially differential changing flows of “high speed” and “trickle speed” energy to the iPhone and case batteries; regardless of its own low-power condition, the Smart Battery Case appears to dramatically slow down its own recharging when the connected iPhone is trickle-charging.


The Smart Battery Case’s single best feature was hidden in iOS starting with version 9.1. When the iPhone is first plugged in to the case, or the iPhone and case are first plugged into a Lightning cable, the iPhone’s Lock Screen displays a new dual battery indicator, something no other battery case can do. One battery shows the remaining power in the case as a percentage, while the next shows the current charge level of the iPhone. Unless you disconnect and reconnect either the iPhone or Lightning cable, the dual percentages can only be found on Notification Center thereafter, not on the Lock Screen, which is unfortunate.


On the other hand, the Smart Battery Case has zero buttons of its own, and only a single light, so you can’t see how much power remains unless you attach your iPhone. The tiny light is hidden inside the case above the Lightning connector, and is there solely to indicate whether the case is fully recharged when connected to power without an iPhone. It stays red if charging, turning green if fully charged. Also apparently hidden within the case is some sort of passive wireless antenna, though Apple provides no documentation on the feature, and has long-required third-party developers to make their iPhone battery cases effectively radio transparent.


From my perspective, the Smart Battery Case’s major failing is its battery performance. With only 1877mAh of power, it delivers only a 77% recharge to a completely dead iPhone 6; the number will be slightly higher on the iPhone 6s, which has a smaller internal battery. That said, Apple appears to have designed the Smart Battery Case to act in different ways based on the level of charge remaining in the iPhone: if the iPhone’s battery is full, it can run off Smart Battery Case power rather than draining its own reserve, but if the iPhone’s battery isn’t full, it refuels itself to 100% from the accessory. In theory, this could reduce wear and tear on the iPhone’s internal battery by reducing the number of discharge-recharge cycles you’d normally see from a battery case, though in practice, people will need to make sure the iPhone’s well-charged before putting the case on.


It goes without saying that you have dozens, perhaps hundreds of different iPhone 6 battery case options, and no one’s forcing you to choose Apple’s iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case if you don’t like the price, the way it looks, or the battery performance. Given the $99 asking price and 1877mAh cell, it would be near the very bottom of our guide to the best iPhone 6/6s battery cases, and I wouldn’t be inclined to recommend it to most people.

That said, if the Apple name or the unique dual battery Lock Screen feature are of interest, you like the way it looks, and you’re willing to pay a premium for the package, this isn’t a bad battery case. Apple clearly could have done better, and hopefully, it will learn some lessons from this model for next year’s inevitable iPhone 7 sequel — or better yet, improve the “smaller” iPhone’s internal battery so that accessories of this sort are no longer necessary.

iPhone 6/6s

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Jeremy Horwitz

December 10th



The best iPad Pro cases, covers, keyboards & accessories

iPad Pro Apple Pencil

With iPad Pro officially going on sale tomorrow (possibly at midnight tonight Cupertino time if Apple follows past launches), it’s time to move our attention to accessories for the device.

Will you go the Apple route and stock up on the official but pricey Apple keyboard, case & cover, and Apple Pencil? Or perhaps you’re looking for accessories with features that aren’t offered by Apple’s. Whatever the case, below we’ve started rounding up the best of the best accessories for iPad Pro. Most are available to order now while a couple are coming soon. We’ll be adding more as they pop up in the weeks following the iPad Pro’s launch.

Cases & Covers & Sleeves:


Apple Smart Cover & Silicone Case: Apple’s official Smart Cover ($59) and Silicone cases ($79) will ensure you get a made-to-measure fit. The Smart Cover is made of “durable polyurethane” and is available alongside the new iPad Pro this week in white or charcoal gray. The Smart Cover gives you full protection of the display, while adding a silicone case for the back will give you full front and back coverage.


Gumdrop Hideaway case ($69): Gumdrop is always one of the first out of the gate with high-quality cases for new Apple products and that’s the case with the iPad Pro too. The company’s Hideaway case features a built in stand with multiple viewing angles, rubber reinforcements on the corners, a built-in Apple Pencil pocket, and it can be used together with Apple’s Smart Keyboard (below). It’s available in black, blue/green, white/grey, or red/black color combos and it’s up for preorder now with shipments starting November 25.


Waterfield Travel Express ($89) & Dash Sleeve ($59): High-quality, made in San Francisco sleeves are now available to order for iPad Pro from WaterField. The Travel Express comes in two colors with an optional shoulder strap, and the Dash Sleeve in two different colors with an option to add extra space to accommodate Apple’s Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro.


Luvvit Clear Grip ($15): A low cost option on the list that will give you back cover protection and still let you show off your iPad. Luvvit’s Clear Grip is a soft transparent TPU rubber cover for the back of your iPad but with a raised bezel on the front corners for a bit of protection for the display too. Available to order now. Ships Nov. 20.


DODOcase Multi-Angle ($79.95): Popular case maker DODOcase has its new Multi-Angle case for iPad Pro up for preorder with a look inspired by an artist’s journal or sketch book. It has an elastic band to keep the case closed or store the Apple Pencil or other stylus, and it’s available in four color options pictured above. You can order it now with shipping starting over the next couple weeks.


Catalyst Waterproof case: One of the first waterproof cases announced for the iPad Pro comes from Catalyst. The design is Rated IP68 waterproof up to 2m and still offers full access to TouchID, Apple Pencil, and speakers while still being waterproof. No firm shipping date or price as of yet.


Jodi Original Smooth iPad case (€90.08): If you want a leather sleeve, look no further than the Joli Original Smooth case for iPad Pro. Handmade in Amsterdam from full grain Italian leather and Dutch wool, it’s available to preorder now for iPad Pro in 3 colors (with 2 lining color options each) and with an option to add extra room to accommodate Apple’s new Smart Keyboard.


Smart Keyboard iPad Proipadprosmartkeyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard ($169): Apple’s official keyboard for the iPad Pro and the first it designed specifically as a companion product for the iPad. It doubles as a cover for the front of the iPad when closed and not in use, a water and stain resistant design with no crack between keys, and comes in at an extremely thin 4mm thickness. It also includes Apple’s new Smart Connector technology that allows it to easily attach to the iPad and charge, no wires required. At launch, however, it will only be available in a US English layout. 


Logitech Create: Made specifically for the iPad Pro and featuring Apple’s new Smart Connector from its own keyboard case, Logitech is one fi the first notable companies with an official, third-party keyboard for the new iPad. It’s launching alongside the iPad Pro this week.


Zagg’s Slim Book ($139): Shipping in December, Zagg’s new Slim Book for iPad Pro features backlit keys with 7 color options, two-year battery life between charges, and pairing and quick switching between up to 3 devices. It also has a cover for the back of the iPad that you can detach from the keyboard, allowing you to keep the iPad’s backside protected even when not using the keyboard.


Zagg Messenger Universal ($69.99): Also coming this month from Zagg is the less expensive Messenger Universal keyboard case for iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil & Styluses:

iPad Pro Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil ($99): Apple’s stylus designed specifically for the iPad Pro. Apple claims it’s been able to optimize the input device with the hardware so that Apple Pencil is super precise and a much more accurate experience overall compared to others. It lasts 12 hours on a full charge and takes just 15 seconds of charge time to get 30 minutes of use with the built-in Lightning connector.


Pencil by FiftyThree ($49-$59): And if for some reason Apple’s pencil doesn’t do it for you, or if you want something that actually looks like a pencil, the Pencil by FiftyThree is a stylish option that has an enthusiastic user base alongside the popular drawing app Paper by FiftyThree. You’ll also save $50 over Apple’s Pencil at $49-$59 for the Pencil by FiftyThree. 


Adonit Styluses ($15 and up): An even cheaper option (depending on the model) is one of the popular styluses from Adonit ranging from $15 up to around the same price points as the Pencils above.

Or check out cheaper and other popular stylus options.

Screen Protectors:


Iconic Pro Screen Protector ($4.85): Ionic Pro’s screen protector is a 0.3mm clear piece of tempered glass applied with an included adhesive and giving you the usual protection against scratches on the display. You can get a 3 pack for $8.85.

Or check out other screen protector options.

Check back soon for more… 

Accessory makers can email me at Jordan@9to5Mac.com to be considered. 

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Jordan Kahn

November 10th



STM Drifter review: Water resistant, light cargo-pants of MacBook backpacks

STM is a relatively well-known Australian company that makes great quality, but slightly pricey bags and cases for your gadgets. What I’ve always loved about the company is that most of its bags don’t look anything like the typical accessories you’d associate with consumer tech. They just look like regular bags, except they’re not. Nowhere is that […]

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Cam Bunton

September 26th



Spigen’s newest iPhone 6s + 6s Plus cases start at $9.99, wireless charging case only $29.99

Spigen’s first round of affordable new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus cases were ready to order even before Apple’s September 9 special event. Now that the iPhones are about to hit stores, Spigen has a new collection of slim protective cases ready, and you’re going to love them. The lineup starts with a minimalist sub-$10 case that can magnetically attach to your car’s dashboard. Next, […]

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Sponsored Post

September 22nd



The best iPhone 6s & 6s Plus cases available to order now


iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are on their way with preorders kicking off over the weekend, so now is the time to buy a case for your new device in order to have it in time for an official launch set for later this month on September 25.

As is tradition, we’ve put together a roundup of the best choices for to protect your new iPhone with our selections of the best iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases available to order now.

Speck ($34-$50):


Popular case maker Speck has its CandyShell and MightyShell lineups available for both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Shop Speck CandyShell and MightyShell cases.

Griffin ($19-$60):


Griffin has its various Survivor, Trainer armbands, and Wallet cases available for both devices.

Shop Griffin iPhone 6s cases or iPhone 6s Plus cases

Poetic ($15-$20):


Poetic is offering its usual high-quality cases at affordable price points with its slim, $15 Affinity case (left) and its $20 rugged Revolution case (right).

Shop Affinity for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus — Revolution for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

Otterbox ($29-$60):


Otterbox has cases from almost all its collections for the new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6S Plus.

Shop Otterbox iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6S Plus.

Pad & Quill:


Pad & Quill has its high-quality, hand-crafted leather and wood wallet cases available for both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. We’ve reviewed their products (here, here, and here), and absolutely love them.

Shop Pad & Quill cases for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Nodus ($39-$60):

shell3b_large nodus_shop_access_iphone_gallery_02_ed203fe4-e4c3-4aac-aed3-1048c9a1a96d_large nodus_shop_access_iphone_gallery_04_07ca398b-38c3-4fa2-803a-698321d9643e_large

The new Magnetic Shell case from Nodus is available to order alongside its popular Access case (I mentioned how much I like the Access case here). Both cases are discounted for a limited time to celebrate the new iPhone launch.

Shop Nodus iPhone 6s & 6s Plus cases.

Spigen ($10 and up):


Spigen has the Trianium Clear case ($9.99), Exact Fit ($10), Safe-Slide ($14), Slim Armor ($16) in various colors available to order now.

Shop Spigen iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus cases.

Silk Innovation Cases ($12-$18):


Pure View ($12), Armor Tough ($18), and Vault Slim ($15) are all excellent, affordable options from Silk Innovation for the new iPhones.

Shop Silk Innovation Pure View ($12), Armor Tough ($18), and Vault Slim ($15).

RedBubble ($14-$35)

Three Feathers_Fieldandsky_Redbubble G_CareyC_Redbubble Cool Cat_Ali Gulec_Redbubble

Over 14 million designs from independent artists printed on your choice of a slim Snap case ($29) or a more protective Tough option with reinforcements for durability ($35), or a skin ($14). – Get 20% off with code “DOGDAYS” while it lasts.

Shop RedBubble iPhone cases.

Joli Originals ($55-$65):


Preimum leather sleeves with wool lining handmade in Amsterdam. Joli Originals makes one of the nicest leather sleeve-style cases around and all options are now available for both the 6s and 6s Plus. 

Shop Joli Originals iPhone cases.

Caseology ($9-$17):


From left to right, the Caseology Envoy Series ($17), Wavelength Series ($16), and Vault Series ($15). And the company has others for both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus starting at $9 at the links below:

Shop Caseology iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus cases.

Check back soon as we add more cases… 


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Jordan Kahn

September 14th


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