The world’s smallest iPhone charging cable fits on your key chain

iPhone Charger Cord Amazon

There’s nothing worse than being on the go and knowing that your iPhone battery is about to die. You watch in agony as that little orange battery icon turns red, and then your phone powers down before you know it. Portable phone chargers are great, but it’s not always convenient to carry a heavy battery around with you. Well, here’s another option: the inCharge Ultra Portable Charging Keychain is a Lightning cable that is so small you won’t even remember you’re carrying it until you need it. The cable itself is only about three inches long, and it features an awesome magnetic design that folds in half and can be held on a key chain when it’s not being used. At $13, there’s really no reason to even be without one.

Here are the highlights from the product page:

  • Never be caught without a charging cable ever again
  • Using magnets, the inCharge cable is 1.5" when folded making it ultra portable
  • Carry it on your keychain so you can always have it on hand
  • Easy to use and a great pair with external battery packs
  • Comes in 9 different colors, choose your favorite!

The inCharge Ultra Portable Charging Keychain Cable USB to Lightning 10mm Thin Version Red: $12.99

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Maren Estrada

August 21st


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